12 Step Anywhere


Security:  Password required to login to app for complete privacy.  The data is also encrypted on the device.  There is a section for favorite links to websites and a browser that will also be private so any websites you go to will not show in your browser history.  You can wipe the data if you need and before you do that you can backup the information and email it from the device in case you want to go back to it later.


Functionality:  A journal which you can turn on/off time stamps to write down your private thoughts.  There is a place for your top and bottom lines and a place to write down and refine your checkin.  There is a place to write your story, to start your healing process.  There is a place to list all your triggers. 


Features: There is a place for your program contacts to keep separate from your regular contact.  The links section allows you to bookmark your recovery sites.  We offer Daily Affirmations as a reminder each day is a new gift.  The progress section lets you mark your sobriety and recovery dates and keep tabs on all your chips.  We are adding to the find a recovery group often so no matter what your addiction or your state we can find a support group for you.


Step Work:  All 12 steps with several questions per step to allow you to work the steps no matter what your addiction.


See the screenshots for some examples!